Without a doubt, we are talking about one of the reference models in the sports footwear sector. But how do you know if Air Jordan shoes are original? it is not an easy task. Today there are numerous alternatives to find fraudulent copies of the best products on the market, which usually end in real disasters.
The main problem is to find this type of sneakers in stores, which apparently meet all the requirements, but after paying the market price we find that they are not what they promised to be.
But don't worry, since Newcop, specialists in authentic sneakers, We are going to give you a hand so that you know how to perfectly differentiate between one and the other. In the following lines we tell you everything.

Why buy authentic Jordan sneakers.

The Air Jordan are the hallmark of an entire generation whose strength has been such that thirty years later they are still a true reference in the world of shoes . The design of this signature from the Nike family is inspired by basketball from the nineties, more specifically in the figure of the iconic Michael Jordan .
In their models they have achieved catch all the essence of that time and its quality is beyond any doubt. We are not only talking about its appearance, which draws attention to a good degree, but also about its comfort. The Air Jordan offer a unique cushioning , which makes them fit perfectly.
They are made with top quality materials and this is reflected in their durability and consistency. If generally investing in this type of product is a guarantee of success, in this case, for obvious reasons, it is much more so.
Therefore, buying original Air Jordan sneakers is the only guarantee that your model has the quality that characterizes the brand.

How to know if Jordan shoes are original or fake

How to know if Air Jordan shoes are original it may be easier than we can think a priori if we follow a series of criteria. We are talking about models that are unique and that make a difference with their details.
Therefore, there we have the key, to look at the little things that make these shoes a work of art. We give you several tips:
  • Making of the shoes

When in doubt as to whether these air jordan that you have in hand are a product of the brand, we recommend that the exams carefully. If these sneakers stand out for something, it is for the quality of their finishes.
Make sure the Seams are perfect , since in poor quality shoes you can easily see frays or small openings. In the same way watch the aesthetics of the laces and its disposition, since it is another of the points where the difference between the original Air Jordan and the fake ones is most noticeable.
  • Logo quality and validity

Another of the aspects that make the job easier when it comes to knowing if a pair of shoes air jordan are original or false is to look at the identifiers Of the brand. Undoubtedly the mythical logo with the michael jordan figure Making a mate is the main element that we have to look at.
If the resolution is adequate, the edges are well outlined and the embroidery occupies the space it should, it is very likely that we are dealing with a real Air Jordan. On the contrary, if there is any type of variation in the emblem or defects are observed At first glance, we will have plenty of reasons to be suspicious.
  • Packaging and correct labeling

Continuing in line with the previous point, the key to how to know if air jordan shoes are original It can also go through the packaging of the product.
A brand as recognized as Nike takes care of the details to the extreme and this includes, of course, the packaging and labeling of the Air Jordan.
It is interesting to verify that It has the legal seals, model numbers (which matches the one on the Nike website) and place of manufacture , as well as that the product is packed in a box the exact size of the shoe. All these details at Newcop we take into account.
Best store to buy authentic Air Jordan
Beyond all these tips, the ultimate solution is just buy this type of products in trusted stores and that guarantee the veracity of these.
In that sense, you are in the right place. In newcop you will find online and offline not only the most exclusive Air Jordan models , but a whole range of options from the best brands in the sector. We are talking about sneakers that in many cases are no longer available in other stores or warehouses.
All this with a close and personal treatment so you can find the model that best suits your style. If you have any questions about any of them, please contact Contact us , we will be happy to help you.